Travellers looking for a worldwide flight ticket booking in South Asia can opt for SilkAir, a additional carrier fully owned by Singapore Flight companies (SIA). Operating voyager services to nearly 43 cities in South Asia, Australia, South-East Asia and China, it is the regional mentorship of SIA and operates mainly on short-haul avenues. A major name in south-east Asia, this carrier is recognized to offer excellent services to its customers that has helped it to become one of the favoured choices of men and women. Bragging of low plane tickets while providing exemplary facilities in-flight, it is a common option for people enjoying a leisure travel as well as on business tours.

Luggage Allocated

All flight companies around the world have a maximum limit of suitcases that a person can carry during a journey. This is known as the luggage allocated of these particular carrier concerned. A Man made fibre Air ticket booking throughout the market Class allows passengers to carry at most 30 kg suitcases in the hold. People who have chosen to fly on its Business Class may enjoy a suitcases allocated of 40 kg essentially. This feature has won the bears of thousands of tourists who have taken its routes because it gives them the scope to carry most situations they want during the journey.

In-flight Meals

Meals provided in-flight is another aspect that has satisfied passengers travelling with this airline. Travellers in all classes can be obtained delicacies like Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Hemp exclusively from the rich Singaporean food. For globetrotters, food items from the Indian, Malay and Chinese food are also offered during the journey. Also, products, both intoxicating and non-alcoholic, are served to its passengers on routes. Those passengers who have a different appetite per their dietary or spiritual requirements can order for it prior to the journey, and they would be served that meal susceptible to availability. thai lion air

Make a Personal Selection of Seats

Travellers opting for this airline can also avail the facility of selecting seats of their personal choice on travel websites. A person may prefer a window seat more than an section seat or vice-versa. Globetrotters can opt for their personal choice of seats at the time of booking or before the day of travel. However, it is best to make the selection done at the time of ticket booking as this option holds good as long as options are available.

Online Check-in Allows Travellers to avoid Queuing

SilkAir also allows its customers to check-in online, allowing you passengers to avoid any headaches at the airport. This facility enables them to get into the planes without much delay. People are given this allocated of online check-in from 2 days to 2 hours before the scheduled starting of the flight. Though, it targets mainly regional destinations, its planes are used for long-haul travels like Bangalore to London routes as well due to its codeshare partners with a number of international flight companies. The facility of online check-in comes in handy for those who have to take these telephone long distance routes to reduce any chances of getting delayed. Travellers can also get a printout of their boarding passes to avoid long lists at airfields.