Buenos Airesis the capital of the Argentine Republic. The name means fair winds, or literally good airs in Spanish. It’s one of the largest cities in Latin America, with plenty of cultural offerings, and is the idea of departure for going to the remaining country. Inhabitants of Buenos Aires are called porteños, “people from the port”, implying that most of the inhabitants are immigrants in certain ways or another. Buenos Aires is a singular, open, and integrating destination that allows the customer not just to view the town but additionally to have an exceptional urban adventure.Buenos Aires, like most of the Argentinian pampas, has a humid subtropical climate with a substantial influence from the Atlantic Ocean. However, the town has unpredictable weather year-round.Full of color and life, this city is synonymous with everything of the arts – history, literature and the tango. Evenings of dance performances are followed by days spent lazing in ornate old-fashioned bars and cafes. Visit the ‘hip’ neighborhood of Palermo for vintage shops, great coffee and a key bar scene. Don’t miss gems like Manzana de las Luces hidden in the bowels of an inner-city suburb.Recoleta Cemetery is no ordinary cemetery. It’s a place of rest for the rich, famous, and powerful of Argentina.You’ll find impressive, ornate mausoleums packed tightly in this little corner of the town where you can wander all day amidst a maze of the family graves.If you are feeling like getting away from the town for a breath of outdoors, take the train to Tigre to explore the delta for the day.The best day to see is Sunday when you are able check out the city’s Puerto de Frutos, a big market with crafts, foods, and handcrafted furniture.There’s also an artist’s market on the main dock, a park, and a few museums.It’s easy to have a boat tour, rent a kayak, or grab a ferry to a number of the waterfront restaurants and clubs while you’re there.This colorful, crowded Sunday Street fair – the Feria de San Telmo – draws over 12,000 people each week. You will find loads of antiques, artwork, knick knacks, and other treasures laid out along the pedestrian street of Defensa.It’s the perfect place to have an original souvenir that dates back to the golden age of Buenos Aires.

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