A scan in the early pregnancy is normally performed in the first trimester between 7 – 12 weeks gestation, this means from seven weeks since the start of the last menstrual cycle. You might be having an early on pregnancy scan for numerous reasons including confirmation of the EDD (estimated date of delivery), to verify the pregnancy or just for peace of mind. You could have an early on pregnancy scan prior to when this if you’re experiencing complications in the pregnancy such as bleeding.

Early pregnancy scans are essential for a couple different reasons. Firstly they’re done to verify that there surely is a heartbeat and that the pregnancy is viable. This ultrasound scan will also calculate the gestational age, determine the estimated date of delivery, search for multiples (twins, triplets etc.) and will check to exclude an ectopic pregnancy.

Especially if it’s an initial pregnancy, you might feel nervous in what to anticipate once you attend a clinic for an early on pregnancy scan. Generally in most clinics you will undoubtedly be met by a person in the Administration Team. If it’s the first visit with a clinic you will undoubtedly be asked to accomplish a registration form. You will likely then be directed to the waiting room where you’ll await the sonographer.

The sonographer will meet with you in the waiting area and get you to the ultrasound room ultrasound scan. Your registration details will undoubtedly be confirmed by the sonographer prior to the ultrasound procedure begins.

You will find two types of early pregnancy scans; an abdominal scan and a transvaginal scan. An abdominal scan is conducted by placing the transducer onto the abdomen of the patient. A lubricating gel is used to facilitate the scan. The process of abdominal scan is non- invasive and painless.

A transvaginal ultrasound can detect earlier pregnancies. It is often required for the sonographer to do a transvaginal scan (TVS) in very early pregnancy. A TVS involves the insertion of a probe into the vagina. Transvaginal ultrasound gives a much clearer and enhanced view. If the sonographer feels it required to check out a TVS the process will undoubtedly be discussed with you and your permission sought. Like abdominal ultrasound a TVS isn’t painful but may be a little uncomfortable and possibly a little embarrassing.

The ultrasound can be acquired for you to view on a screen which is often situated on the wall by the end of the ultrasound couch. This enables you to view the images created by the transducer. Only at that stage in pregnancy it may possibly not be easy for you to make out everything you are seeing on screen but normally the sonographer will explain everything you are looking at.

The most effective ultrasound clinics will make your visit as relaxing, enjoyable and as stress free as possible. An earlier pregnancy scan can be a very enjoyable, reassuring event.