REO asset management companies want to hire you. They just don’t know it yet. Management companies are always in need and looking for agents that can provide what they need. Let’s take a look at what it is that they need. I’ve found that it’s not at all times what agents think they need. That’s why they don’t get hired.

REO asset management companies don’t value your percentage track record as much as you do or think they do. For an asset manager if you closed most of your previous listings at 98% or more of price tag it’s less relevant. What asset operators and REO companies are looking for are people who can maintain a property even as it is being disposed of. This is not always a quick process. For that reason having some if very little property management experience is actually more valuable than the track record you would usually present a regular seller. Don’t confuse them. Thought they’re both selling, their expectations couldn’t a little more different. tiscoasset

The REO asset management company is looking for you to sell it at top dollar in the swiftest possible time. Without delays or you might have the listing taken and provided to another agent, the longer it takes to sell a home the more holding cost for you and the management company. How much time can be upwards of 90 days – 8 months or even longer. Hence, the property management experience. Most agents have heard of re-keying the property. Which is just first! There’s boarding the property, in some cases.

Evictions and cash for keys agreement, city examinations, repairs, property hazards to know about, private pools to deal with and zoning and building violations to correct, again in some cases. Every project takes a different approach. As you can see some if not all of these points can make the process longer than is could be. For that reason property management is a more valuable asset to you when compared to a glamour shoot picture on your yard sign and a matching business card.

As you can see REO asset management companies are looking for something specific and they have a clear idea of what it is. Make sure you’re selling the right services to them and your odds of being hired have the roof.

If you feel you can handle the job description and are fascinated by contacting the proper people at major REO companies get a good list of asset operators contact information. Not a list of asset management companies. You can get those for free. REO Asset operators contact information is what you should be looking for.