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  • Oyo citizens start ‘Number Metre Number Payment’campaign.

    Apete, Awotan, Araromi, Jeje, Arola in Ido Regional Council and their Ajibode, Make, and Laniba in Akinyele Regional Council of Oyo State recently needed the roads to start a no-meter-no-payment campaign naija news.
    The citizens, who began the protest at Awotan, said they would not pay any standard of Ibadan Electricity Circulation Business (IBEDC) unless these were metered.
    They informed officials of the electricity distribution organization maybe not to come to their houses without prepaid meters.
    The citizens needed regularisation of PHCN yards, more feeders, transformers due to their neighborhoods, yards for many unmetered houses, and the stoppage of mad bills.
    The citizens insisted that disappointment to follow their needs, no officials of the electricity distribution organization would be permitted to acquire money from citizens or disconnect electricity supply.

    The Great Green Wall was officially launched by the African Union in 2007. It aims to fight desertification by creating a huge strip of vegetation across Africa, from Dakar in the west to Djibouti in the east. The Wall would be eventually more than 8,000 kilometres long, crossing 11 African countries. Since 2007, the project has evolved, with the goal of creating millions of jobs. But critics say progress has stalled. Our correspondents report from Senegal and Nigeria.

    The UN status report released in September 2020 could hardly be called encouraging. Barely 4 percent of the Great Green Wall’s objectives for 2030 have been achieved, with just 4 million hectares restored out of a goal of 100 million. Half of that total is located in just one country: Ethiopia, which has an ambitious reforestation programme.

    At the One Planet Summit in Paris in January 2021, donors pledged to raise $14.3 billion (€11.8 billion) over the next five years for the project. For French President Emmanuel Macron, the Great Green Wall has to see the light of day.

    As the ambitious initiative once again becomes a priority for the international community, our correspondents Sarah Sakho, Moïse Gomis and Emmanuelle Landais report from two countries affected by it in very different ways: Senegal and Nigeria.The citizens, throughout the campaign, placed their banners at proper locations for the public to be sensitized. Chairman of Ajibode, Apete, Awotan, Araromi, Akufo and environs’Neighborhood Growth Association, Manufacture Rasak Fabayo, talking throughout the campaign, complained throughout the campaign that the neighborhoods paid for what they didn’t consume.
    “For citizens of Apete, Awotan, Araromi Akufo, Laniba, and Ajibode, we’re launching that campaign. If any IBEDC standard comes to your residence to demand the money, let them know that no meter, no payment,” he said.

  • 5 Differences Between Common And Political Sense!

    Why does, it, usually, appear/ look, politics, politicians, political agenda, self – interest/ greed, and so on, intervene, with the power of several public officials, to proceed, with the necessary level, of, authentic, necessary, good sense? Recall, why is, political feeling, may, or may not, be the most effective, most rational, effective, efficient, receptive, responsible, and appropriate, length of action, and associated preparing! There are many instances, of why, that matters, and, how usually, it usually, does occur, but, this article can attempt to, shortly, contemplate, study, review, and examine, 5 specific variations, between frequent and political feeling, and why it is significant.

    1. Picky enforcement of rights, and so on: How usually, do we view, the hypocritical behavior, rhetoric, and message, by these, we elect, apparently, to serve and symbolize our most useful pursuits? When, partisan politics, and a political/ particular agenda, and/ or, self – curiosity, is prioritized, in place of assessing issues, and operations, on their merits, most of us lose! Like, why do, several, who, continually need their 2nd Amendment Rights, while reducing most of the rights and liberties, of others, which are guarding by Constitutional guarantees, and so on? Why do a number of these individuals, support a proposal, when their Party, is, in – get a handle on, but, refuse to it, when they think, there is any probability of politically, supporting, an adversary, and so on?

    2. Why is there no, happy, gun safety get a handle on?: Although, the 2nd Amendment, really, known the rights of states to arm – themselves, in order to have a State Militia, several claim, it provides them, the best to keep hands, and hold a gun! Since, the guns, which endured, when the Founding Fathers, created that defense, only fired one shot, and took, about 2 minutes, to reload, while nowadays, several guns hold several models, and, permit, the user, to take, many times, in a shorter – period! If, after, all of the incidents, and shootings, they however won’t produce a happy policy, to safeguard the more excellent, it illustrates, a substantial big difference, between frequent, and political feeling!

    3. Advantages and Drawbacks of Immigration Guidelines: For a nation, established and created, by immigrants, News from many other nations, some politicians, believing accusing and worrying, about immigration, encourages their supporters/ key, and, refuse to produce, well – considered, fair, unbiased, immigration procedures, which, protect the particular, most useful pursuits, of the more excellent!

    4. Ramifications of Weather Modify, versus, economics: Scientists, and authorities, clearly, warn people, of the dangers, into the near future, of Weather Modify, and the need, to deal with the carbon – mark, and possible harm, in a appropriate, sustainable fashion! Some politicians, reject science, and claim, it harms people, cheaply, by creating, a far more sustainable method!

    5. Medical care costs, and prescription costs: Why, does that nation, and our citizens, pay more for health care, and prescription medications, than, virtually all different nations, all over the world? Actually, at that charge, data reveals, we however, do not need the most effective results, and/ or, healthiest citizens! Why do we pay, much more, for prescription medications, than others, pay, for exactly the same drugs? Wouldn’t it, seem sensible, for us, to make certain, quality health care, and so on, was considered a right, in place of, just, a freedom, and so on?

    Don’t confuse, good sense, with political realities? Be a more responsible, person, and voter, and need, greater, more – receptive, elected and public officials, and representatives!