Vivo S1 Pro has been a real success in the smartphone market and that’s not just because it’s so well designed or because it is packed with so many features. No, it’s because it has been one of the very first phones to use Android operating system out there. This is also the reason why Vivo S1 Pro has such a huge memory space. It can not only store hundreds of songs, but also do so much more. We are sure that the next version of this phone will have even more features packed into it.

Features as good as this one are hard to come by in a smartphone. With a resolution of 5 megapixels and an astounding camera, Oivo S1 pro has all the qualities that any high end smartphone should have. Low light mode, digital zoom, video recording, image stabilization and panorama modes are some of the best that any smartphone camera should have. There is even a super amoled display to see how bright your pictures and videos are.

Another feature of the vivo s1 pro that impresses us is the fact that it has a solid battery life. While there are many phones in the market which can let you down by vivo s1 pro draining your battery in the middle of a game or a presentation, this one can go several days on standby. This means that you don’t have to waste your precious minutes trying to charge it up again. In fact, the battery life of this phone is better than many mid range phones. We are sure that you will be impressed by its performance and power when you need to use it for long hours.

Speaking of the lens of this smartphone, there is no doubt that it is one of the best on the market. It has a optical zoom feature that makes the whole process of taking great pictures easier. The optical zoom feature also ensures that the resolution of the photos and videos is consistently high. To take the great shots that you want to take, there is no other camera with a optical zoom feature like the vivo s1 pro. You will not miss even a single hair on the top of your head. The size of this lens is also impressive; it takes up just the size of a pea.

Another unique feature of this smartphone is its fast charging technology. With the help of fast charging technology, you can enjoy the benefits of having a fully charged phone even after using it for more than two hours. With the vivo s1 pro, you never run out of juice – the charge lasts for about an hour and half.

The build quality of this smartphone is excellent. The body is made of smooth and glossy plastic which offers a rich look. At the back of the device is a gently curved physical keypad which houses the USB type-c port and the headphone jack. At the centre of the back is a fingerprint scanner which ensures a fluid touch-screen operation. This is perhaps one of the best dual-engine fast charging smartphones that are available in the market. It offers a fast data transfer and definitely a high level of efficiency.