Have you been trying to get a head start on your career with AWS and now you’re not sure where to begin. While AWS is certainly more complicated than a traditional virtual private server, it’s definitely worth learning. I’ve been using AWS since its launch in June of 2021 and I’ve found that while it requires some homework to be done, it’s not difficult. In fact, it’s quite easy! Below I’ll share with you some of my favorite AWS courses that you can take online.

My first recommendation for those who are just starting their career with AWS is the Software Development and Operations Training (SDOT) program. It was created by two legends in the world of open source: Jeff Czyzewski and Bruce Byfield. They have long been leaders in the open-source community and have put together a great program that covers every aspect of AWS, including deployment hoc aws, managing infrastructure, and how to write real-world code. This course is definitely a must if you’re into AWS. As we’ll talk about in the second part of this series, there are also AWS certifications offered through third-party organizations, but the two organizations offer courses that really deliver the big payoff.

Two other excellent AWS courses are the Software Installation Guide for Developers and the Managing AWS Services Learning Experience. The former focuses on helping learners learn installation and maintenance procedures through a series of videos while the latter offers a full walkthrough of the AWS management console. Both of these courses are offered through DevCon or the Virtual Learning Enterprise. If you’re really serious about pursuing a career in cloud computing, these two courses are highly recommended. They will serve as stepping stones to more advanced AWS certification programs.

Two additional AWS courses worth looking into are the Certified AWS Consultant and the National Security Service Training. The former provides hands-on practice with real data sets while the latter trains students to work as an official AWS consultant. Both are offered through AWS office. These two courses combine the key aspects of a great training program-advisor support, instructor-assisted learning, and live practice exams-to create a complete, accredited training package for all practitioners. In addition to being highly respected among professionals in the field, both these courses have earned rave reviews from top universities and colleges. Some of the course’s faculty include former Department of Defense Intelligence analysts.

Our third course, called the National Labs for AWS Certification is designed to train developers on the latest cloud solutions and technologies. While there are a lot of books available on AWS, not many developers have access to real-world case studies, demonstrations, and practice exercises. With the help of the courseware and online labs, developers can quickly learn how to implement recommended strategies. The best course certified solutions providers offer lab access and exam simulators along with written and video exams to prepare students for their real-world environments. Such tools make it possible for students to dig in and immediately start testing and developing upon AWS resources.

While these are the three basic components of the best AWS courses, there are many more. However, the three outlined above-adequate training, instructor-assisted learning, and live exams-make it possible for you to quickly assimilate into the highly competitive market. Given that AWS is such a huge part of cloud-based businesses globally, it’s important for enterprises to take the time to explore the variety of AWS courses that are available.